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About RB

Interesting highlights about the author. He is always thrilled doing his part to encourage our citizens to benefit from learning these awesome home strategies.

About RB

RB Roberts has written several handy ebooklets of special interest to US residents who are owners, lessees, and renters of private homes. Until December 2022, he was senior volunteer home projects consultant with HGRBS, the former nonprofit which disseminated crucial anti-home-fraud information to raise awareness among private home decision makers in our country. All said, what the author continually brings to the table in honor of private home decision makers such as you is another reliable resource you can use for anti-fraud information. The revelations are cumulatively garnered from the author's years of hands-on experience, including many thousands of hours gleaning, evaluating, researching, discovering and rediscovering how and why so many US residents are victims while only a select few are not. Subsequently, information and guidance offered through these exclusive works, past and present, are for adopting real solutions and safeguards against being defrauded by unworthy home service contractors. Finally, you are always welcome to connect with RB to show your support, offer any relative comments, questions, and suggestions via  :

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Defeating Home Fraud In America Begins with You

 Emphasis is on developing practical strategies for out smarting malicious home service contractors. All said, it is a fact that home fraud will always be as wanton or more so in our country, but that does not necessarily have to apply to your household, individually. 


How to Validate Contractor Competence

This exclusive anti-home-fraud home guide is shared with you as the worthy owner, lessee, or renter of a private home in the US. Presented are eight invaluable keys which constitute a singular system for discovering all which must be known about each home service contractor.


Powerlessness of Knowledge

This very special message, is transcribed from a previous  podcast episode hosted by the author. It debunks the notion that what heads of households know about avoiding home fraud, is in and of itself power to do so. That is not always the case. Here are revelations as to why. 


Snake Eyes and a Scratch-Off Ticket or Born to Lose

Have you ever hired home service contractors to deliver on special projects at your home? How did they go? Have any of these ever stolen your identity?  If no. Fantastic. But some do.  This brief ant--home fraud guide reveals what to look out for and how to decisively avert.



For curiosity's sake, the author has been around for quite some time but in the background as a volunteer home projects consultant. He is a stanch advocate for US private home decision makers self-defense against malicious home service contractors. Self-empowerment is key.  We always hope that each visitor is completely satisfied about the availability of this site. Notwithstanding, there's no such thing as pleasing 'all the people, all the time,' the author is always overjoyed knowing that at least some are fine and appreciative benefiting from these essential tips, all the time. Succinctly, of all the other obligations in his life, sharing crucial home project defense info counts among the highly rated. He's retired, but that's only a technical matter. This is a personal one.

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True Blue Series

Private Home Decision-Makers U.S.A.

The 'True Blue Series' is a special selection of eight personal anti-fraud guides taken from the author's personal best podcasts previous featured a while back. But the messages are as relative and revealing as much today as they were when the were originally presented. which are literally loaded with eye-opening revelations.

However, the True Blue Series as a transcribed collection of the eight podcasts weren't always so regarded. In fact, the podcast's official name was Private Home Decision Makers USA.  The show name represented the scope of residents in the country who either do business with home service contractors  or are most apt to seek their assistance stateside. And there you have it.

Caution Against Treating These Works As 'Novels'

Although these are fast reading, we may want to exercise reasonable caution against the temptation of treating these as 'novels.' Each document in the series may be considered a daily home guide and point of reference in our resident-contractor relations. What each contains is useful critical information which potentially can save you many thousands of dollars and much hardship normally entailed via being caught off guard by corrupt home service personnel i.e. home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling contractors, to name a few since there are other types.