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Privacy Policy

Please be assured that your privacy is of utmost importance. Every measure is taken to ensure that your experience is comfortably secure . 
Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Comfortably Reliable Web Experience

Visitors to ‘Home Project Defense By RB’ [HPDRB} can rest assured that there is no private or other data about you which is stored, collected, traded, or sold to third-parties. Third-parties are entities other than HPDRB. For this privacy policy disclosure, HPDRB is referred to as ‘this entity.’

Emails, Questions, Comments, Suggestions

  • Private emails of visitors are not shared outside this entity. This means the private email you use to communicate with this entity is not released to third-parties for any reason[s].

  • Visitor questions, comments, and suggestions may be shared by this entity unless individuals who share these explicitly decline, in writing, such sharing. However, this entity will not share your name or specific alias used to connect with this entity which would be directly traceable to you.

HPDRB Does Not Access Visitor Account Info

This entity does not access ANY visitor account information. HPDRB is a resident-friendly site which offers both free and priced essential home defense reading matter which is sold or accessed by visitors via book distributors. Priced and free ebooklets and ebooks are not sold or processed by this entity. Instead, the reading material is processed by established book distributors with whom visitors confer in order to obtain. Inevitably, when visitors wish to order any of this critical reading material through book distributors, they are asked by those book distributors to share their account information [unless they have previously entered it with those sources]. But this entity does not nor is it set up for so doing.

*Special Note: This entity, as an extra measure towards ensuring visitor privacy, does not accept or harbor ‘mysterious ads.’ These are third-party ads which often ‘float’ around on the fringes of many websites. It is believed that some of those imported ads can contain malicious links. They are not always secure for visitors to tap. Therefore, these are banned from this entity’s website.

'Better Decisions, Better Results.'