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Resident Relations

If you own, lease. or rent a home in the USA and you are seriously driven toward perfecting your technique hiring contractors, this is the perfect redezvous.

Resident Relations

Home is the Best Wonder of the World!

Each private home head of household is the ultimate guardian of the home.  You are obviously the one most responsible for any and every decision you make to hire home service contractors. The leading mission of 'Home Project Defense By RB' is to share vital tips which are considered 'anti-fraud tools' which can be adapted to your 'house rules' to increase your edge in resident-contractor relations in our country. Are you ready to use them? Your readiness can mean all the difference in the world -- to you, your family, and to the state of your home. You are amazing!

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This is also the 'CONTACT' page. Primarily, this area provides a brief overview about why "Home Project Defense By RB' exists. Also provided are a few highlights as to why this interesting collection of home guides can be so vital to U.S. private home decision-makers toward successfully defending against bad contractors.


Foremost, the design of ‘Home Project Defense By RB,’ is sharing  useful ideas, facts, and strategy which can enhance your effectiveness hiring the right contractor for the project you have in mind. It is a fact that no one knows better than you how important it is to have the job done right the first time. You certainly do not want to hire someone who is unable to fulfill your wishes to deliver on any project you have. Yet many are recklessly selecting home service contractors for a wide selection of assignments in which such so-called pros are unable to perform. Some are outright swindlers who will ask for huge advances but do little to no work before disappearing. Scenarios such as these are definitely not what you need. These are amazingly preventable. Most importantly the data presented to you via ‘Home Project Defense by RB’ uncovers a respectable range of practical approaches for you to successfully implement to deflect the corrupt element in contracting, while at the same time discover true and reliable professionals.

You are the undisputed guardian of your home. Please continue making safer and better choices of the men and women your hire for attending to your home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling needs.

In all, the major concern is to share actionable data which U.S. private home decision makers such as you to immediately begin implementing. Suffice it to say, when you 'do the work' for achieving the most out of these essential tips towards defending the best values for yourself, family, and home you are that much more likely to make the best contractor hiring decisions. In this realm you succeed where othere have failed.

'Better Decisions, Better Results'


Questions, comments, and suggestions relative to making better home contractor hiring decisions are welcome. Thanks.
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